368th Fighter Group In Print
Published articles and other books that feature or include the 368th FG.
The History Channel Dogfights, Season 2, Episode 3; "Thunderbolts"
featured Lt. George Suttcliffe of the 397th FS and is encounter with
the Luftwaffe on 14June44.  

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from Flypast

Mud, Rain and Blackouts
Tim Grace recounts the experiences of the 368th FG during its stay in the England.
August 2009
Issue no. 337
Flight Journal Magazine Articles
February 2006, Vol. 11, No. 1
"When Chivalry Was Not Dead"
397th FS Pilot Carlos "Tote" Talbott's dogfight and bailout by Tim Grace

Winter 2007, Special Issue, World War 2 Fighters
"Hey, I'm Not Dead Yet"
Story about former 396th FS POW Rupert Maxwell by Tim Grace

December 2008, Vol. 13, No. 6
"Thunder Bum Ace"
Story about leading 368th FG and 9th AF Thunderbolt Ace Paul P. Douglas by Tim Grace

August 2009
"Steadfast Against All Odds"
397th FS Pilot George Suttcliffe's Luftwaffe encounter on 14June44 by Tim Grace
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from Flight Journal
There has also been articles published about the 368th FG in France, Germany and Czech.