Bridges attacked prior to D-Day:

May 7th - Namur, Belgium:  Dive bombed railway bridge with
scattered hits, bridge damaged but remained intact.

May 8th - Sedan, France:  Carrying 108 gal drop tanks and two
1000lbs bombs, the group flew 600 miles round trip to Sedan,
France.  The group dove from 10,000' at an angle of 60 degrees
releasing bombs at 2000' scoring several direct hits destroying
the bridge.  

May 12th - Namur, Belgium:  Return to Railway bridge at
Namur, Belgium:  Operational order directed that destroying this
bridge was critical and additional flight were to be dispatched as
needed.  Major Haesler led the first flight of four planes; his flight
scored  four direct hits and left the bridge a pile of rubble in the
river.  The remaining flights were able to decimate the nearby
marshalling yards.

May 25th - Hasselt, Belgium:  Railway bridge at Hasselt,
Belgium: Destroyed using a “glide bomb” technique.  Bombs
were released from a shallow 15 degree glide to hit the bridge

May 30th - Elbeuf, France:  In one mission, group destroys 2
bridges, damages another across Seine River; Elbeuf (primary
target) & Pont-de-L’Arche (secondary target).  With bombs left
after destroying primary and secondary targets, the group
severely damaged the railway bridge at Le Manior 2 miles east of

May 31st - Liege, Belgium:  Railway bridge over the Meuse
River destroyed.

June 4th – Rouen, France:  Group was assigned to take out two
important highway bridges over the Seine River.  The southeast
bridge was hit and left in the river, the northwest bridge was
severely damaged and unusable.
"Bridge Busting"
Brought to you by the
368th Fighter Group
The 368th Fighter Group made a reputation for itself as "Bridge Busters"
The 368th FG damaged or destroyed more bridges than any other group.
The 368th FG destroyed 33 bridges and severely damaged another 44.
Bridges attacked after D-Day:

June 6th - 0612 hours - Road bridge at St. Sauveur, France

June 14th - bridge destoryed south of Caen, France

July 15th – Rail Bridge at Mastes-Gassicourt destroyed.

August 24th - 2 bridges destroyed including the LaLondes
Forrest Bridge in France

August 25th – 368th delivers a final blow at Oissel, a partly
repaired emergency rail bridge over the Seine River was
being used for vehicular traffic at time of attack.  This trapped
the retreating German Army and the group destroys or
damages 252 vehicles including many tanks.

October 28th -

November 5th -

Feb 10th - Bullay Bridge over Mosselle Destroyed.

Feb 24th – 395th FS attacks and severely damages a rail
bridge at Salmrohr.

Feb 25th – 397th FS finishes off the Salmrohr rail bridge
La Londes Forrest Bridge
Destroyed August 24th, 1944
Bridge at Oissel post 368th work
Maps of Normandy area show the location
of Elbeuf and Rouen area.  These bridges
would be vital to the Germans trying to
move troops and armor to the beachheads.
St. Sauveur --->
Namur, Hasselt, & Liege,
Rouen, France
Do you have a bridge that absolutely needs to be dropped?  
Call 9th Air Force HQ and request the 368th Fighter Group.
Mission Report
25May44 - Hasselt Bridge
Mission Report
10Feb45 - Mosselle Bridge
Bullay Bridge - Mosselle after 368th
FG attack Feb 10th, 1945
Left:  Post strike recon photo of
Rouen, France June 4th, 1944
Right:  Rouen, France today
Recon Photo
Bullay Bridge - Mosselle after 368th
FG attack Feb 10th, 1945
This is not a complete list of the bridges attacked by the
368th FG.  These missions and results are mentioned in
USAAF, 368th FG or squadron documents