397th Fighter Squadron
368th Fighter Group
Gun Camera Film
Randall "Pinky" Hendricks
28May44 - Mission:  
10 seconds, Size: 980KB
Hendricks expertly attacks and
destroys 2 locomotives.
6June44 - Mission: D-Day
Clip #1 - 9 seconds, Size: 900KB
Attacking targets in village.
6June44 - Mission: D-Day
Clip #2 - 8.5 seconds, Size: 880KB
Attacking moving train - destroys
10June44 - Mission:  D-Day+4
Clip #1 - 10 seconds, Size: 980KB
Chasing ME-109
10June44 - Mission: D-Day+4
Clip #2 - 18 seconds, Size: 1.75MB
Attacks and destroys 3 locomotives.
12June44 - After being absent from
the battlefield, the Luftwaffe makes a
showing on 12June44.
Capt. Hendricks downs 4 FW-190's +
1 probable destroyed + 1 damaged.

Clip #1 - 21 seconds, Size: 2.05MB
Destroys an FW-190.
Clip #2 - 20 seconds, Size: 2.02MB
Hendricks attacks an FW-190 at
low level.  German pilot pulls up
and bails out of his plane.
Clip #3 - 20 seconds, Size: 2.0MB
Attacks and destroys FW-190 #3.
27July44 - Mission:  Armored
column cover for 2nd & 3rd
Armored Division.
Clip #1 - 10 seconds, Size: 980KB
Attacking armored vehicles on road.
27July44 - Mission:
Clip #2 - 9.5 seconds, Size: 988KB
Attacking same vehicles from other
2August44 - Mission:  Poor
weather delays mission take off
until 1400.  Elements of 3rd
Armored Division code named
“Poodle” was held up by AT guns
in buildings northwest of
Mortain.  The 368th responds to
the call for help and scored direct
hits allowing armor column to
continue drive forward.
8 seconds, Size: 850KB
Strafing targets in village.  Not a
good day to sit on the front porch
and watch the German's drive
down the road.
13Sept44 - Mission:  Attack
German positions along the
Siegfried Line, Aachen area.
17 seconds, Size: 1.7MB
Attacking moving vehicles on road.
Clip #4 - 13 seconds, Size: 1.3MB
Attacking FW-190's.