397th Fighter Squadron
368th Fighter Group
Gun Camera Film
Capt. John Lougee
397th Fighter Squadron
Missions of 01Sept44:  368th FG dispatched 83 sorties in support of the 3rd Armored Division.  The groups
planes ranged over the area N.E. of Paris and as far as Luxembourg.  The group also dispatches flights to drop
surrender leaflets, after which the planes attacked targets of opportunity.  On 01Sept44 the 368th FG destroyed
100 motor transports and 10 tanks, to include 2 Tiger tanks.
Clip#1: 11 seconds, Size: 1.05MB
Strafing armored vehicles on road.
Clip#2: 10 seconds, Size: 936KB
Strafing tank on road.  
Great clip.
Clip#3: 8 seconds, Size: 780KB
Strafing vehicles - looks like same
road as previous clips.
Clip#1: 15 seconds, Size: 2.1MB
Strafing vehicles - steep diving
attack with near miss.
Clip#2: 13 seconds, Size: 1.3MB
Strafing vehicles.  Good hits on this
Clip#3: 15 seconds, Size: 1.43MB
Strafing vehicles along same road.  
This pass is from opposite direction
and low angle pass.  
Clip#4: 16 seconds, Size: 1.57MB
Strafing attack against what
appears to be a SdKf222 with
mounted AAA guns. Note the large
amount of anti-aircraft fire.
Clip#5: 14 seconds, Size: 1.37MB
Strafing vehicles & other targets.
Clip#6: 12 seconds, Size: 1.24MB
Strafing vehicle column
Capt. Lougee expertly walk his .50
API rounds down the road striking
many vehicles.
Clip#9: 17 seconds, Size: 1.59MB
Strafing attack down a road.  Film
is a little dark but many strikes of
API noted.  17 seconds of fire
from eight .50caliber guns = about
230lbs of lead down range.
Missions of 03Sept44:  A German Division had been spotted leaving east of the French town of Maubeuge.  The
368th FG was dispatched to provide armored column cover for the 3rd Armored Division entering the town from
the west.  The 368th FG bombed in front of and then behind the fleeing Germans trapping them.  Col Meyers
called for help from other groups when he realized the magnitude of the situation.  The 397th FS led by
John Lougee
flew a gunnery pattern that left 75 vehicles burning, The 396th FS led by Captain William Gibson
knocked out 140 vehicles S.W. of Mons, Belgium.

The 368th Fighter Group was cited for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy on
September 3rd, 1944. The group destroyed 292 motorized transports and 230 horse-drawn vehicles, many with
artillery pieces.  The 368th FG would receive the Presidential Unit Citation for this action.  
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actual citation.

The 9th TAC destroyed 919 trucks, 737 horse-drawn vehicles, and 59 armored vehicles in this action.
Clip#6: 9 seconds, Size: 836KB
Strafing targets along same road as
previous clip.
Clip#7: 8 seconds, Size: 800KB
Strafing target -
Clip#4: 8 seconds, Size: 732KB
Strafing target -
Clip#5: 10 seconds, Size: 1.0MB
Strafing targets along a road.
Clip#8: 11 seconds, Size: 1.08MB
Strafing vehicle column.
Capt. Lougee again expertly walks
his .50 API rounds down the road
striking many vehicles.
Clip#7: 10 seconds, Size: 944KB
Attacks targets with many strikes
noted.  Film a little dark.
Clip#10: 11 seconds, Size: 1.13MB
Attack down same road.  Film is a
little dark but many strikes of API