397th Fighter Squadron
368th Fighter Group
Gun Camera Film
Lt. Col. John Haesler
Commanding Officer 397th Fighter Squadron
We only have this one short piece of film from Lt. Col. Haesler

16Aug44 - Mission:  Armored column cover for "Poodle", attack
Germans fleeing Falaise area.
17 seconds, Size: 1.5MB
Strafing targets
2nd Lt. J. Biagini
397th Fighter Squadron
Clip#1: 13 seconds, Size: 1.2MB
Great strafing clip with element
leader seen on the left also strafing
Clip#3: 15 seconds, Size: 1.45MB
Strafing targets, good shot of
broadside attack on a large tank,
possible Tiger?
Clip#4: 14 seconds, Size: 1.3MB
Attacking armored vehicle on road
scoring numerous hits, note
Missions of 29Aug44:  Group narratives state the group was grounded on
the 29th due to bad weather?
 This film may have been shot on the 28th
and developed on the 29th being dated incorrectly.  On the 28th the group
flew armed recces in support of the 3rd Armor near Compiegne and
clobbered 300 enemy vehcles.
Clip#2: 10 seconds, Size: 1.0MB
Attacking armored vehicle on road.