368th Fighter Group
Gun Camera Film
Notes about film - PLEASE READ.

1.  These clips have been taken from actual combat film.  Remember this film was taken and processed 60+ years ago.
Some of the processing was done in tents, in the back of trucks, or in the closet of a bombed out building.
Do not expect a "Hollywood shot", however I think you will be impressed at the accuracy and firepower displayed.

2.  These film clips are the property of the
368th Fighter Group Association and may only be used for personal viewing.  Permission
for other use may be obtained by contacting the 368th Fighter Group Association.

3.  The "flickering" you may see is due to the camera being mounted on the inside of the right wing and behind the propeller.  
photo above right.

4.  The "shaking" or movement in some of the film is due to the camera mount and the shock of  four .50 caliber machine guns firing
just a few feet away.

5.  The camera would automatically start filming when the guns were fired and would stay activated for a few seconds after firing
stopped.  The camera could also be manually switched on, pilots often used their gun cameras during bomb runs to help verify hits
on target.

6.  How fast the clips load depend on many factors including your Internet connection.
I have placed the file size in the title to give you some idea, be patient, it is worth the wait.  

7.  All clips are now in Quicktime format.  You may download the QuickTime Player for free at:  

8.  Your computer may prompt you about running scripts or ActiveX controls.  You may have to allow this to view the film.
Kenneth Kik, USAFR Ret.
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Capt. Potter was a member of the Eagle Squadron, flying
Spitfires early in the war.
He was killed in action 7July44
2Aug44 - Mission:  Attack targets in support of 3rd Armored Div.
16Aug44 - Mission:  Armored column cover for "Poodle", attacking
Germans fleeing Falaise area.
17Aug44 - Mission:  Provide armor column cover in area between Flers &
Missions of 01Sept44:  368th FG dispatched 83 sorties in support of the 3rd
Armored Division.  The groups planes ranged over the area N.E. of Paris and
as far as Luxembourg.  The group also dispatches flights to drop surrender
leaflets, after which the planes attacked targets of opportunity.  On 01Sept44
the 368th FG destroyed 100 motor transports and 10 tanks, to include 2 Tiger
Missions of 03Sept44:  A German Division had been spotted leaving east of the French town of Maubeuge.  The 368th FG was
dispatched to provide armored column cover for the 3rd Armored Division entering the town from the west.  The 368th FG
bombed in front of and then behind the fleeing Germans trapping them.  Col Meyers called for help from other groups when he
realized the magnitude of the situation.  The 397th FS led by
Captain John Lougee flew a gunnery pattern that left 75 vehicles
burning, The 396th FS led by Captain William Gibson knocked out 140 vehicles S.W. of Mons, Belgium.

The 368th Fighter Group was cited for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy on September 3rd, 1944.
The group destroyed 292 motorized transports and 230 horse-drawn vehicles, many with artillery pieces.  The 368th FG would
receive the Presidential Unit Citation for this action.  Click here to see actual citation.

The 9th TAC destroyed 919 trucks, 737 horse-drawn vehicles, and 59 armored vehicles in this action.
Film from 1Lt. George Ohlman
396th Fighter Squadron

Lt Ohlman film has been digitally remastered from the
original 16mm reel for the highest quality possible.
Film from 1Lt. Richard Kik Jr.
395th Fighter Squadron

Lt Kik film has been digitally remastered from the
original 16mm reel for the highest quality possible.
Film from Capt. Eugene Potter
397th Fighter Squadron
Film from William T. Wright
397th Fighter Squadron
Film from William J. Garry
395th Fighter Squadron Ace
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Thank you Jeff Stephens for this film!  
Jeff's father is Col. Robert Stephens
9th AF Ace from the 354th FG.
Film from William J. Garry
395th Fighter Squadron Ace
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