368th Fighter
Research Library
Welcome to the 368th Fighter Group Library and Document Warehouse.
Within our library you will find many rooms filled with books, papers, maps,
documents, and other files for your enjoyment or aid you in research.
The library is not limited to 368th FG items, you will find a wide variety of
material that I hope you will find interesting and useful.
Most files in our library are in Adobe .PDF format
S-3 Operations Room
Warning Orders
Operational Orders
Mission Reports
Victory Boards
S-4 Supply Room
Equipment Items
Hand Receipts
Personal Stories
Personal Letters and Correspondence
Transcripts from interviews
368th FG Association
Documents and Newsletters
Fortress Feature Newspaper
High resolution scans of the
368th Newspaper published
while overseas
Newspaper Articles
368th FG in the news.
From back in the day to today
Miscellaneous Documents
S-1 Administrative Room
Personnel Rosters
General Orders
Awards and Decorations
S-2 Intelligence Room
Intelligence Reports
If you would like to contribute items to our new library please e-mail me at ken.kik@368thfightergroup.com
Still work in progress, I have uploaded several books and maps.  Still working on this but take a
look and let me know what you think.  Lighter blue links are active.
Firearms Research Room
Vintage Catalogs and Books from the Kik Collection
J. Stevens Arms Catalogs
Rare Vintage Cartridge Catalogs
Winchester Catalogs
396th Fighter Squadron
Published in May 1945