"Sleepy Jean" A7-W
Pilot:  Bill Wayland
A7- G P-47D-22-RE S/N 42-26130
"Fearless Dick" (Right Side) "Wild Bette" (Left Side)
Pilot:  Richard Kik, Crew Chief:  Daniel Mohn, Armorer:  Thomas Barron
"Miss B"
Pilot:  Jim Ivey,  Crew Chief:  Robert Cook
"Miss Mary Agnes"
T P-47D-28-RA S/N 42-2859?
Named for Crew Chief Hanson's Niece;
Mary Agness Stone
"Passionate Violet"
Pilot:  Tommy Hoade
395th Fighter Squadron
"Panzer Dusters"
Nose Art  & Color Profiles
These pages contain the beautiful nose art of the 368th Fighter Group.
All Images are the property of the 368th Fighter Group Association or as noted.
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"Sleepy Jean the 3rd"
A7-W P-47D-28-RA
S/N 42-28641
Named for his wife
Many WW2 era fighters sported popular pin-up girls, "Sleepy Jean" is a great example of the pin-up art.
The right side cowl was often reserved for the ground crew to add their pride to the aircraft.  Sgt Mohn choose
"Fearless Dick" for Richard Kik's plane.  Kik often attacked targets relentlessly with disregard to anti-aircraft fire.  
In one 395th FS narrative is wrote "Lt Kik refuses to come back with any ammo"
A7-B P-47D-30-RA S/N 44-33221
"Slick Chick"
Pilot:  Lt. Col. Frank Perego, 368th FG Commander
Maintained by the 395th FS
"Lady Angela"
A7-R P-47D-30-RE S/N 44-21071
Pilot:  Bill Diman
"Lady Angela" A7-R
"Lady Angela" & "Miss B"
"The Wolf"
details unknown
"Sweet'n Hot"
details unknown
details unknown
A7-H P-47D-28-RE
S/N 44-20249
Pilot:  "Homicide" Homer Hayes
A7-P P-47D-30-RE
S/N 44-20412
Pilot:  Unknown
"Pink Front"
A7-? P-47D-28-RE
S/N ?
Pilot:  Jack Mass
details unknown
"Rough and Ready"
A7-G P-47D-28-RE S/N 44-20268
Pilot:  William Garry, 395th FS Ace
"The Down Necker"
R P-47D-23-RA S/N 42-74651
Pilot:  Bob Hellwig
On the right side of Hellwig's later
P-47-28 was also painted "Dutchess"
"Loopin Lou"
Pilot:  Alexander LeLoup
Pilot:  Robert Caldwell
"Ridge Runner"
Pilot:  Walt Johnson
Pilot:  Eugene Kesting
Pilot:  Cliff Gamble
"Lady Grace"
Pilot:  Larry Marsch
Pilot:  Unknown
"Miss Second Front"
A7-X P-47-15-RE S/N 42-76325
Pilot:  Louis Vieck (395th FS)
Plane was later transferred to 396th FS
"Awanda Glen" - "Miss Ardy"
Pilot:  Robert Miller
Crew Chief:  Vern Powers
To the right a great example of mission
markings, dive boming, armed recce, &
fighter sweeps
"Pat of My Heart"
Pilot:  George Hughes
"Pistol Packing Mama"
Farmingdale, NY 1943
Pilot:  Pike Martin
Crew Chief:  Floyd Teitz