396th Fighter Squadron
"Thunder Bums"
Nose Art  & Color Profiles
These pages contain the beautiful nose art of the 368th Fighter Group.
All Images are the property of the 368th Fighter Group Association or as noted.
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P-47D-30-RA "Arizona Loraine"
S/N:  44-33250
Pilot:  Earl Kielgass
Paul Jasper's camo painted
"Dragon Lady"
Louis Hamilton would
inherit Douglas' plane and
rename "Buckeye Blitz"
"Arkansas Blitz" & "Arkansas Traveler"
Pilot: Paul Douglas
Douglas would also use this nose art in Vietnam
"Margie II"
S/N:  42-76484
Pilot:  Gerald Grace
"Leaky Joe"
Flown by Irv Ostuw
George Wagener's
"Lady Bets"
Albert Larsen's "Milly-K"
"Maximum Goose"
previously assisgned to the 56th FG
Cowl piece recently found in Belgium
Painting of Billy Dunbar's "Hot Shot"
By Bob St. Vincent
D P-47D-30-RA
S/N:  44-33286
"Miss Second Front"
Assigned to the 395th FS and later the 396th FS
P-47D-15RE S/N: 42-76325
"Leaky Joe 5"
In post war paint
with occupation
stripes added to aft
P-47D-28-RE "Leaky Joe 5"
S/N:  44-20089