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November 27th, 2010
382nd Air Services Squadron
Sgt. Skip Townsend
382nd Air Services Sq.
382nd Air Services Sq.
Chilbolton, England
Note Bob Miller's P-47
382nd Air Services Sq.
Straubing, Germany
Rare aerial photo of the 382nd
area of Strip A-84, Chievres,
Belgium circa Oct-Nov 1944
Planes from the 397th & 395th
FS undergoing maintanence
382nd Air Services Sq.
Photos courtesy of
Eric Townsend & the
Townsend family
Skip Townsend painted
some of the most
beautiful nose art of the
368th.  His work
included "Slick Chick",
"Fran", "Sleepy Jean"
and "Pink Front"
Note the similarity of
"Sleepy Jean" & "Pink
AAF Aircraft
Mechanics Patch