A-68, Juvincourt, France
27Dec44 - 1Jan45
A-40, Chartres, France
23Aug44 - 11Sep44
368th Fighter Group Airfields
A-69, Laon / Athies, France
11Sep44 - 2Oct44
A-84, Chievres, Belgium
2Oct44 - 27Dec44
Y-73, Frankfort-am-Main, Germany
16Apr45 - 16May45
Westover Field, Mass
1June43 - 23Aug43
397th FS Only
Mitchel Field, Garden City, Long Island,  NY
21Aug43 - 29Nov43
ALG A-3, Cardonville, Normandy, France
19June44 - August 23rd, 1944
Some elements of the 368th FG arrived as early as 12June44 and the 1st 368th FG P-47 lands on A-3 14June44.
Y-34, Metz, France
1Jan45 - 16Apr45
Runway at A-3
Republic Field, Farmingdale, Long Island, NY
23Aug43 - 20Dec43
Greenham Common, the 368th FG's first
home in England as it looks today
Group HQ and farm house at Strip A-3,
Cardonville, Normandy, June - Aug 1944
Visiting British Typhoon & P-51B at
Strip A-3, France, June 1944
Airfield Operations
Straubing, Germany
Main Gate
Straubing, Germany
Greenham Common, Hampshire, England
13Jan44 - 15Mar44
Chilbolton, Hampshire, England
15Mar44 - 16June44
R-42, Buchschwabach, Nuremberg, Germany
16May45 - 13Aug45
R-68, Straubing, Germany
13Aug45 - 20Aug46
Hampshire, England  13Jan44 - 16June44
Republic Field - Note Republic factory with camouflage roof.
The Advanced Landing Grounds (ALG) Normandy, France
ALG A-1 and A-3
Long Island, NY
ALG A-1, Normandy, France
The 368th and other groups began using A-1 for refueling and rearming as soon as the engineers had the strip finished.
Crew Chiefs and Armorers were trained prior to the invasion to service all types of allied aircraft.
Chartres HQ area
ALG A-1 from the air
ALG  Under Construction
Stateside Stations:
Westover Field, Massachusetts
Republic Field & Mitchel Field, New York
Overseas Stations:
Greenham Common, England
Chilbolton, England
Cardonville, Normandy, France
Chartres, France
Laon, France
Chieves, Belgium
Juvincourt, France
Metz, France
Frankfort, Germany
Buchschwabach, Germany
Straubing, Germany
Chilbolton today - Chilbolton Observatory
ALG A-3 Then and Now Page
Great photos of Cardonville taken
by our good friend in France,
Stephane Duchemin
Chilbolton briefing room