Panzer Dusters
Glory Board
A7-B "Slick Chick" flown
by Frank Perego
Laundry day for Gamble & Allen at Strip A-3
Cardonville, Normandy, France.
395th FS Admin Section
395th FS area Strip A-3, June 1944
Normandy, France
Crew Chief's
Boland, Rielly, & Carpenter
Farley, Kinkaid,
McDermond, & Barron
395th L-5 liason plane
395th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page 1
Crew Chief's
Cook, Farley, & Rutledge
C-47 used to transport 395th personnel to
Strip A-3 from Chilbolton, England
Crew Chief's
Cook, Weinheimer, & Adamson
395th FS Enlisted, photo taken at
Kinkaid & Rutledge on top of
wrecked German planes at Metz.
395th FS - Crew Chief's
395th Pilots at Chilbolton, England
Photo taken in April 1944
Photo taken at Republic Field, NY 1943
395th Fighter Squadron
Photo believed to have been taken
around September 1944
Kinkaid, Pralle, & Eisenberg
Roll out the Kegs!
The Beer Garden is open for business.
Sidney Goldstein on far right rolling keg of fine German brew.
Lt's Jetty & Hellwig
Don Huff & Bill Diman
Homer Hayes, D. Fortney, & J. Ivey
along with some curious French civilians
Jensen, Nolan, O'Keefe, & Bowlin in 1943
Crew Chief's Sgt Joseph Hanson,
Sgt Allen Olson, & Sgt Charles Matthews
Bowlin & Nolan 1943
Marsch, Carlson, &
Marbles at Metz
Left:  Major Leary shooting
Mays & Hellwig
McDermond, Pralle & others on
Omaha Beach (c) June 10th, 1944
Nolan, Gamble, Bowlin & others
New York 1943
Crew Chief's
McDermond, Kinkaid &
Ivey's "Miss B" & Diman's "Lady Angela"
Perego, Quimby  & Montag 1943
Williams, Allen, Gamble & Staton
Strip A-3
Panzer Dusters A-2
Flight Jackets
Richard Kik Jr
Maurice Anderson
Alexander LeLoup
Unknown owner
Strip A-3 Normandy
Photo Courtesy of Life Magazine
On reverse reads:
American P-47 Thunderbolt getting some
maintenence in the dispersal area of a
makeshift airfield in the French countryside
following the Allied invasion of Normandy

Date taken: August 1944
Photographer: Frank Scherschel
(17.8 x 13.7 inches)
Robert Schink
Panzer Dusters
Logo and painted
many of the pilots
A-2 jackets.
Charlie Rife, Rike, Fruend and Stevens
395th Communications Section
Straubing AB, Germany
395th Fighter Squadron BOQ
Straubing, Germany 1945-46
Rare color photos of
B "Slick Chick"