Jan 1st 1945 a Damaged 395th P-47D-30-RE 44-20415 (A7-A) at Metz, France.  
The 368th FG was preparing to move to Metz when German aircraft attacked.  This
raid was named "Operation Bodenplate"
the objective of Bodenplate was to destroy as many allied airfields and aircraft on the
ground as possible with a coordinated attack from several German groups.  The 365th
FG had several aircraft damaged & destroyed at Metz.
Metz, France
395th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page 2
A7-E "Little Audrey"
P-47D-28-RE  42-28632
A7-X later as C2-X
"Miss Second Front"
P-47D-11-RE 42-75329
Sgt Daniel Mohn &
Bill Wayland with
"Sleepy Jean"
P-47D A7-P taxis at Metz
P-47D ?22859
P-47D-28-RE A7-A
Sgt Daniel Mohn
Cpl Barron with
A7-O on a straffing attack
Photos by Bob Hellwig
FW-190D from JG 2, flown by Werner
Hohenburg who was shot down near
Metz by U.S. anti-aircraft and
A7-H "Mil-O-Mine"
P-47D-28-RE  44-20249
Larry Marsh on Wing &
Bob Hellwig in cockpit of
John Dombos, John
Silva & others with
"Miss Second Front"
A7-H "Fran"
P-47D-28-RE  44-20245
A7-P "Slick"
P-47D-30-RE 44-20412
P-47D-28-RA  42-28830
A7-? P-47D looks like a -15 model
Crash site unknown, This plane has no invasion stripes.  Plane looks
well striped.  Photo was taken by Lt Kik possibly in England.
Plane shows numerous mission symbols.
Cruickshank, Jensen, &
395th Pilots Metz, France
K. Snyder, B. Andrus, H. Hayes,
J. Mass, & J. Early
Lt Springs gives Bagen
from S-2 a ride in A7-
395th FS pilots ride in style, a captured
Mercedes Staff Car at Metz
395th FS sign made from FW-190 tail
Straubing, Germany
395th Nose Art!