Alexander LeLoup, Bob Fay, Richard Kik
Jr, Cliff Gamble, Al Kleinklaus, Joe
Williams, & Jim Early down front.
New York 1943
Flight Line R-42
395th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page 3
395th P-47's
A7-? "Pink Front"
Group Deputy CO & later Commander LTC Frank Perego's "Slick Chick"
A7-B Maintained by the 395th FS
A7-? "Sweet N Hot" and A7-R "The Down Necker"
Grosjean, W. Johnson & Gianetti
395th FS Pilots early 1945
Metz, France
Snyder, Hayes & Russell
Flapper Yellow Flight
Metz, France Jan 1945
L. Coughtry, L. Scanlon, Homer Hayes,
E. Smith, R. Dicks
P47D-5-RE A7-P 42-28634
Converted to a 2 seater
P-47D-28-RE  42-29257
A7-? "The Wolf"
A7-X "Vera"
Enroute to
Donald Failing, ?unk, Bill Wayland, &
Rutledge, Pralle, &
Pralle & Farley
Davis, Quimby & "Turbo"
A7-Q flown by Charlie Rife taxiing at Metz
Damage to Charlie Rife's wings by German AAA.
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Hellwig, Marks &
Bob Skiver & Frank Norwich
395th Tech Supply
Thomas Smith front right
Need ID on others
395th personnel board a
train for Laon, France
"The Down Necker"
ALG A-3 Medical Section
A7-X "Vera" & A7-O
Photo brought home by Waldon Rothenberger of
the 834th Aviation Engineer Battalion that built