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A sad end to a beautiful Thunderbolt - In August 1946
she was stripped of her P&W R2800, armament,
avionics and then scrapped.  Today A7-
R is probably
part of a BMW or Volkswagen.
Lynn Hagemeister
395th Fighter Squadron Lynn Hagemeister Photo Album Page
Lynn Hagemeister & Bob Hellwig
Photo's taken by Lynn
A7-R S/N 42-29298 P-47D-28RA "The Down Necker"
Flown by Bob Hellwig and then given to Lynn Hagemeister
Lynn renamed the plane after his wife Jinnie
A7-R "Jinnie"
Rare color photo of Lynn Hagemeister's "Jinnie" A7-R S/N 42-29298 P-47D-28RA
Photo taken at Straubing AB, Germany during the occupation
Note the red and yellow bands on the fuselage.
Photo right is the BOQ at Straubing AB