Richard Kik Jr.
Eugene L. Kesting
395th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page K
Kik sporting a German helmet
at A-3
P-47 Thunderbolt Pilot's Convention,
Colorado Springs, CO 1993
Flight School Graduation
Class 43-E
England, April 1944
Republic Field, NY 1943
Crew of "Wild Bette"
Sgt Daniel Mohn & Thomas Barron
Kik with his plane "Wild Bette" England June 1944
Note the right side of Kik's P-47
in large yellow letters:
"Fearless Dick"
Rare color photos taken in 1943
Richard & Bette Kik
British made
survival whistle
Waiting for a haircut at Chilbolton
Richard Kik's
A-2 Jacket
Monument placed in Richland Village Park, Richland, Michigan, August 2005
in honor of Dr. Kik's service to his country and community.
Plaque placed at
the Kalamazoo Air
Zoo in honor of
Dr. Richard Kik Jr. by
the Michigan
Albert H.
Joseph Knell
Lt Kleinklaus with his
Crew Chief Sgt John Dombos
Basic Training
Donald F. Klumpp (left)
Unknown and Willis Duff Jr. (right)
Metz, France
Photo taken by Life Magazine
Photographer in 1943 at
Republic Field, NY
EAA Oshkosh, WI
Alexander LeLoup, Bob Fay, Richard Kik Jr,
Cliff Gamble, Al Kleinklaus, Joe Williams, &
Jim Early down front.
New York 1943