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Photos of Layden crash site under investigation by German historians
395th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page L-M
Alexander L. LeLoup
Lawrence P. Marsch
George Long &
Dale Fortney
Marsch's nose art
"Lady Grace"
Larry Marsch with his
Crew Chief
Sgt Joseph Surat
Wilbur H. Luker
Larry Marsch &
Bob Hellwig
Jack Mass & his nose art "Pink Front"
Please visit the wonderful website of
Bert Caris,
Fallen But Not Forgotten,
includes a wonderful biography
of Lt Thomas Layden
Edgar M. "Pat" McCrone
MACR Details:
PILOT MONTAG Thomas M Captain 0-732317 (25years)
ORGANIZATION Location A-3 Air Force 9th
MISSION: Departure ALG Course 170°
Target of opportunity.- Armed reconnaissance patrol.
AIRPLANE: P47 D-25 A.A.F. Serial number 42-26393
ENGINE: R2800-59 P-14980
WITNESS: Richard KIK 1st Lt 0-745414 saw crash.
CIRCUMSTANCES: Weather haze to 4000 feet
Statement by Lt Kik:
Captain Montag started to strafe some trucks on the
main road running east and west through the forest of
Andaine in the vicinity of Domfront.
He went into a pass at an angle of about 40°, he hit the
truck it started burning.
He started to pull out and scraped the trees for about a
distance of 30 yds and then his tail caught a tree and the
plane crashed into the forest. The plane burst into
flames and the engine has been torn off and the only
thing I could see was a small part of the fuselage which
was burning.
Link to site with photos, information
and location of Monument to Capt
Montag at his crash site in France.
Bob Miller
Sgt Daniel Mohn
Crew Chief
FW-190 & Me-109 x 2
LeLoup's A-2
Temporary French grave of Capt
Montag.  A Farmer found the
crash site and buried Capt
25March44 Me-109 x 2
Marshall E. Mumaw
Commander 395th FS
Bob Miller after belly
landing his crippled P-47
2nd Lt. Thomas H. Moore
KIA 25April45
MACR #14097, Shot down by flak while
strafing near Wasserburg, Germany.
P-47D-28-RA 42-28954
Cemetery:  Epinal Wall of the Missing
Aviation Artist Tom Kalina has painted the was flown by
Larry Marsch of the 395th FS, 368th FG.  A very limited
number of these prints are available, please go to for details.
2nd Lt. Thomas F. Layden
KIA 28March45
MACR #13621, Crashed while strafing near
Beuren-Gieben, Germany.
P-47D-28-RA 42-29126
Netherlands C-20
1st Lt. Pike B. Martin
KIA 16Aug44
MACR # Unknown, Shot down by flak
near Caen, France.
Cemetery:  Brittany E-46-19
(may have been reburied in U.S.)
1st Lt. Hugh P. Matthews
KIA 01March45
MACR #12805, Shot Down by FW-190
near Langenzelbold, Germany.  
P-47D-30-RE 44-20627
Lorraine D-34-29
Capt. Thomas N. Montag
KIA 14Aug44
MACR #8155, Crashed into trees while
strafing near Domfront, France.
P-47D-25-RE 42-26393
Cemetery:  Brittany E-17-11
22April44 FW-190
Bob Miller