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Captain Joe "Noodles" Nolan
Cpt Nolan was a former artillery officer and helped design the "Air-Tank Team" close air support
concept.  Although the Army was well aware of the importance of close air support, the idea of placing a
pilot with the advancing units was not considered.  Cpt Nolan's idea of placing radios and pilots with
the advancing armored units greatly enhanced the Air Force's ability of supporting the ground forces.  
Col Myers took Cpt Nolan's idea to BG Quesada and the rest is history.
395th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page N-R
Sgt Alan Olson
Crew Chief
Frank Norwich
Crew Chief
Norwich In cockpit of
LTC Douglas's plane
David F. O'Keefe
Sgt Pralle
A7-A P-47D-20-RE 42-76530 Flown by Hank Quimby
Lt. Col Henry Quimby
395th Fighter Squadron's
first Commanding Officer
Sgt Don Rielly
Crew Chief
Sgt Vernon Powers
Crew Chief
395th Pilot F/O John "Jack" Russell
Vern Powers &
Jim Welsh at A-3
395th Pilot Fred Rubidge