Wartime photo album of Panzer Duster Crew Chief Sgt Vernon Powers.
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Vern Powers (working on
engine), Bud Rabe (on prop),
Frank Darling (on guns) all
working to get Miss
Ardy/Awanda Glen ready
Bob Schink
Designer of 395th FS Panzer Dusters Logo
next to A7-E (Pilot Bill Demchuck)
395th Fighter Squadron Vern Powers Photo Album Page 1
David Goldstein
Herb Carp, Oscar Oney, Sidney Goldstein &
Bob Harringer on work stand.
Stan Tribe & Vern Powers
Bob Schink
Designer of the
Panzer Duster Logo
Tom Smith
Bob Miller, pilot of Vern
Powers' P-47 Thunderbolt
Andy Vanta (The nose artist) &
Tom "Smitty" Smith
Bob Schink
Dedication of 368th FG plaque at the Air Force
Academy in 1993.
Tom Smith, Johnny Buncek,
John Dombes (cockpit), John Silva (front)
ALG A-3?
Lt. Bob Miller
Tech Supply Section
Front:  Bob Schink, Lt. Schofield, Fred
Back:  Dayt Polling, Ole Johnson, Tom Smith
Farmhouse and Family at A-3
Stan Tribe
Vern Powers & Red
Joe Daniels & Bob Vervalin
Bob Schink
Don Reilly sporting
German .32 auto