Wartime photo album of Panzer Duster Crew Chief Sgt Vernon Powers
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Cardonville, Normandy ALG A-3
Abandoned German Ju-87 Stuka and Bf-109 at Metz, France
395th Fighter Squadron Vern Powers Photo Album Page 2
Bob Vervalin, Don Reilly, Dan Mohn &
Cliff "Pop" Dolan at Metz, France
Liason plane
P-47D A7-R
Metz, France
Vern Powers
Bob Harriger, Herb Carp, Bob Edelman,
Oscar Oney, Vern Powers
Vern Powers on former German bunker at
Metz, France
B-17 making emergency landing at Metz
Lt Pike Martin & Sgt Floyd Teitz
Nuremberg Airfield
Mess Hall in Belgium
Decorated for Christmas
P-47 at Farmingdale, NY
Day Room in Belgium
Decorated for Christmas
Metz, France
Metz, France
P-51's at Metz, France
B-24 landing at Metz, France