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100 Mission Club
Back:  Davis, Tullis, Petrie, Ostuw
Front:  Waegener, Loughary, Ryerson, H. Olson
Members of the 396th Catipiller Club
Strip A-69, Laon, France
Joseph Busenbark, Al Larsen, Joe McLachlan,
& Paul Douglas
396th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page 1
396th Pilots
Chilbolton, England, Spring 1944
Barracks at Stewart Field, NY 1943
Brizenaine, Ryerson, Ohlman,
Henry, Baer, & Howie
Original Yellow Flight
Chilbolton, England
Jasper, Romine, Ostuw, Davis, & Kerchner
Strip A-3, Normandy, June 1944
Bertrand Hanson, Lacy Harrelson, Adolph
Vnook, William Mitchell, & William Kelley
SSgt Robert Ward, TSgt William Malone, Lt.
Ellis Bassler, & SSgt Robert Legere at A-3 bar
Stewart Field, NY 1943
Joe McLachlan, Irv Ostuw, Clarence Olson, &
Ode Ryerson
396th FS Maintainence Section
Paul Jasper crash site
Talbott Newhart crash site
near Metz, France
Ode Ryerson at
? crash site
Chow line at Frankfort
Dr. Jack Cox, 396th Flight
Surgeon & Harold Sparks
Earl Kielgass & George Waegener
Wes Metcalf &
Claude Williams
Domis & Velpel
Edwards, George, Miller, Mei, & Fritz
Thomas, Bedford,
& Mazzeo
Photographic Section
Armament Section
Nuremburg, Germany 1945
396th FS at ALG in France
396th FS Armament Crew
Metz, France
Refueling Irv Ostuw's P-47
Leaky Joe
?, Mitchell, Nichols, Austin, & Shoenberg
Possibly 395th FS