Welcome to the 396th Fighter Squadron "Thunder Bums" photo album.

I cannot thank enough the former members of the 368th FG, their family and
friends who have contributed photographs to this site.  

Thank you for helping us preserve the great history of our nation, the
USAAF, the 9th AF, the 368th FG, and the 396th FS.

The photo album pages will contain small photos called a "thumbnail" under
each thumbnail is a brief description of the image.  

If you would like to view the photo, simply click on the thumbnail.  
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396th Fighter Squadron Photo Album
A Purple Heart Medal
next to a photo
indicates killed or
missing in action as
noted in caption
A German Cross next
to a photo indicates
an aerial victory.
A medal(s) next to a photo indicates
the person was issued this award.

Not all are posted at this time