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Harold Sparks
Major Sparks served as the Commander of both
the 395th FS & 396th FS
Al "Flak" Schnedler
396th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page S-Z
John Strickland
Ted Taubert
Murray Thaler &
Charles Romine
Arnold G. Stephens
Crew Chief
MACR# 7172
Items recently recovered from the Spencer crash site
Adolph Vnook
Franklin Dick, Angus, & Adolph Vnook
Edward Murray, Vnook, & farmer at Strip
Harold Sparks
returned home with
his nose art.  The
Sparks family donated
this priceless piece of
history to the Museum
of Flight in Seattle, WA
The museum has a
large display of 368th
FG items.

Museum of Flight
Frank Perego & Harold Sparks
George Waegener
George Waegener & Murray Thaler
Earl Kielgass & George
Orville Weale
Jerry B. Tullis
(Back of Wilcox)
Kenneth Wilcox & Crew
MSgt Claude L. Williams
Bob Winchester
Ralph W. Scott
Edward Teague Jr.
Howard "Whistler" Wyatt
Donald Woshtok
KIA 18July44
MACR #7172, Shot down by flak near the Orne River, France.
P-47D 42-8673
Cemetery:  Onodaga Valley Cemetery
            Nedrow, NY
Jesse Spangler
Dominick Thomas
Sgt Raymond W. Smith
Sgt Dominick J. Thomas
and Frank C. Szcesuil
Bob Winchester & Tim Grace
368th FG Association Reunion 2010
Ed Storms
Photos from Ed Storms album
Courtesy of his wife Ruth Storms
Cockpit of the P-61 Blackwidow night
Straubing AB, Germany
A sad end to a 396th P-47, cut for scrap
1LT John R. Spencer
2nd Lt. Jack Hunter Sharp
KIA 24April45
MACR #14095, Bomb blast near
Ingolstadt-Barreweiher, Germany.
P-47D-30-RA 44-33151
Cemetery:  Fairview Cemetery
             Middletown, NJ
Temporary grave site
of Lt Sharp
Jack Sharp's twin brother Robert R. Sharp
was also a pilot in the 396th FS