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397th FS area of operations
Strip A-3 Normandy June 1944
Flight Line
NY 1943
397th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page 1
397th FS Formation
Nuremberg, Germany
397th Pilots
Gilkes, McWilliams & Wenk
P-47D-5 D3-X Chilbolton, England
397th FS Crew Chiefs & Mechanics
The guys who kept them in the air!
397th Armorers
Ordnance Section
Pilots Roland Potter, Robert
Preston, & Vernon Murphy with
Armorers Russell Hull, & Katy
397th Pilots meet with the Duke of Windsor
New York 1943
Engineering Sections
Administrative Sections
S-1, S-3, & S-4
1st Sgt Lenahan front row
2nd from left
Mission brief at Metz, France Early 1945
397th FS D3-Z
A brand new
P-47D-28-RE S/N:  
On arrival to ALG A-3
Cardonville, Normandy,
Randall Hendricks' P-47 D3-H at ALG behind
beachhead on Normandy, (c) June 15th, 1944
Capt. Hendricks with Army Calvary Officer.
Others in photo are Marini.
Note 5 gal. jerry cans of fuel.
P-47D-28 D3-X Germany May 1945
A flight of P-47D-6-RE's of the 397th FS over
New York 1943
Bob Gibson & Randall Hendricks
Flight Line, NY 1943
Rare photo of 397th FS refueling / rearming on
ALG behind beachhead in Normandy.
Possibly A-6 near St. Mere Eglise
Note gliders in background.
LTC Haeslers' "You've Had It" in the
4 pilots of the 397th FS grap some chow
between missions at an ALG.  
Marini & Hendricks on the right, need ID of 2
pilots on left.
397th FS P-47's on an ALG 14June44
Crew Chief Joe Kvedaras
Asst. CC Frank Cavanaugh
Armorer Joe Maher
Roy Carlson & Stan Johnson
Bob Gibson & Roy Carlson
397th FS P-47D D3-O on final returning from mission
397th FS New York 1943