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Back Row:  Robert Anderson, Henry Arps, Joe Howard, F. Howard, Forrest Midlam, Johnny Foltz, & Norman Langmaid
Front Row:  David Sharp, George Sutcliffe, Joe Marini, Al Fry, & Marvin Rosvold
Photo taken at Michel Field, Long Island, New York 1943
397th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page 2
Need Identifications
Crew Chief's
Warner Sparks & Cecil Clancy
397th FS pilot on pass in Paris
Baker, Bauer, Dame, Hellison, & Bender
Back row:  Murphy, unknown, unknown
Front Row:  Foltz, Gibson, Horlacher
Preston, Murphy, R. Potter, Frisbie, Gibson, &
Randall Hendricks, John Haesler, Joe Marini,
& Bill Gibson
Former POW's return to the 368th FG
Marini, Bell, Mitchell, & Robbins (396th FS)
397th Pilots Maurice Shea, Clifford Price, &
Whitney Brayton, Engineering Officer Hanlin,
Armament Officers Dale Olmstead & George
Gill, Engineering Officer John Howard.
Weinstein, Haesler, Talbott, Murphy,
R. Potter, Gibson, Frisbie, Driscoll, Rogal, & Preston
Great look at the P&W
R2800 engine
Massey, Drake,
& Chesler
George Sutcliffe & Johnny Foltz
Strip A-3, Normandy, France
O'Donnel, Chesler, Massie, &
Chartres, France
Capt. Bob Gibson's Flight
Chartres, France
397th FS Pilots on pass to Paris
September 1944