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Henry "Pappy" Arps
Capt. Robert S. Anderson
KIA 26July44
MACR #4973, Shot down while strafing
near Canisy, France.
P-47D-27-RE 42-26932
Cemetery:  Unknown
397th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page A - D
Roy D. Carlson
Bob V. Barker
Lt. Cook
Thomas J. Carbine
Commander 397th FS
George Bauer, Edgar Baker, & Harry Barco
Harry Barco
Edgar Baker
2nd Lt. John H. Banks III
KIA 17April45
MACR #14203
Shot down by flak while strafing near near
Lom, Czechoslovakia.
Lt. Banks survived and was killed by local police.
P-47D-28-RE 44-20222
Cemetery:  Ardennes C-6-15
1st Lt. George L. Bauer
KIA 28March45
MACR #13622, Struck hilltop while strafing
near Densberg, Germany.
P-47D-30-RA 44-33205
Cemetery:  Unknown
Edward W. Dame
Bernard Cirantineo
Oswald Doria
Marion Deputy
Robert Drake
Vernon Fein & Odell Dustin
Memorial to Lt. banks in Czechoslovakia
Eddie Dame in St. Lo
Robert Bechtold
Shot down on
POW Stalag
Luft 3/VII-A
Milton Bender
Norbert Billinger
Ruben G. Bork
Shot down by
flak on
Joe Burney
Wayne Driscoll
About six weeks after Lt. Bork was shot down, his squadron CO received the following letter.

Dear Sir,

Sir, I don't know if you have been notified about me being recaptured or not.  Perhaps you
would like to hear my end of the story.  Well sir, I had dropped my bombs and had pulled up to
about 1500 feet, and all of a sudden this shell exploded in the cockpit.  I glanced down and saw
my left arm was shot off.  Then the plane burst into flame, and I reached up to open the
canopy I passed out.  When I came to again I was swinging in my chute about 300 feet above
the ground.  My face and right hand were burned pretty badly also.
When I landed, three German soldiers picked me up and took me to a hospital, and nine days
later I was in Paris.  I was recaptured when our boys took Paris.  Now I am back here in
England, waiting to go back to the U.S.
Sir, the main reason I am writing is about my clothes and personal things I left behind.  I
would like to know if the Colonel would know anything about them, if it will be transferred to
me or not.  I would appreciate it very much if I could receive word on what will be done about
it.  Please excuse the informal letter and the very poor writing.

Ruben G. Bork
2nd Lt. Buel W. Bates
KIA 07June44
MACR #5716, Shot down by flak near
Littry, France.
P-47D-16-RE 42-76104
 Normandy B-8-29
George Bauer & Edgar Baker
Normandy June 1944
Crew Chief Joe Kvedaras
Asst. CC Frank Cavanaugh
Armorer Joe Maher
Roy Carlson & Flo
Roy Carlson at Southport R&R "Flak House"
1st Lt. Robert S. Brown
KIA 16Aug44
MACR #8513, Shot down by flak while
strafing near Argentan, France.
P-47D-15-RE 42-76188
Cemetery:  Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA
On the 16th August 1944 1st Lt. Brown was flying an offensive fighter
sweep in the Flers-Argentan area.  Lt Brown spotted gun position
near a railway overpass SE of Fontenai and attacked the position.  
Brown remained in the area while the remainder of his flight also
bombed the area.  His wingman, 2nd Lt. Milton S. Bender watched as
Brown's Thunderbolt (42-76188) was shot down by flak.  
He witnessed Brown bail out of his aircraft and land in a field, after
which he gathered up his parachute and ran to a nearby farmhouse.  
SSgt Orlando Cuppini
Crew Chief / A&E Mechanic