368th Fighter Group in Action
From D-Day to Victory - June 1944 to May 1945
Page One - Normandy Advanced Landing Grounds (ALG)
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16 P-47's of the 395th FS, 368th FG took off from their airfield at
Chilbolton, England at 0520 on June 6th, 1944 for the first of many
sorties on this famous day.

Only 7 days later on June 13th the 368th FG started utilizing ALG
A-1 & a few days later A-3 to re-arm & re-fuel their P-47's.  

On June 19th at ALG A-3 near Cardonville, France the 368th FG
was the 1st group to become permanently stationed and operational
from France.  The group would remain at A-3 until Aug 23rd when
they moved to A-40 near Chartres, France.
Photos taken by 368th FG personnel after landing on Omaha Beach just days after the invasion.
Normandy - Omaha Beach Cemetery
Artillery Battery near ALG A-1
Right:  9th AF P-38 Lightning's at ALG A-1
Great information about the history and
construction of the ALG's can be found at
Lt's Bauer & Barker waiting for their next mission at A-1.
Photos of the 816 Engineer Aviation BN during construction of ALG A-3.  
The 816th EAB completed A-3 on 14June44.
The 368th FG immediately began using the strip.
Left:  P-47's of the 397th FS refuel & rearm at ALG A-1.
Right:  British Typoon and USAAF P-51B at ALG A-3.  
Ground crews were trained to service all types of Allied aircraft.
Above & Right: 397th FS Operations area - ALG A-3
Top:  9th AF P-47 at ALG A-1.
Right:  ALG A-1 as seen from a B-26 of the 386th BG.
During the first few weeks at ALG A-3 the 368th FG lived in fox hole due to
the close proximity of the German line.