368th Fighter Group in Action
From D-Day to Victory - June 1944 to May 1945
Page Two - Breakout to the Bulge
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On 23Aug44 the group moved from ALG A-3 to Chartres, France (A-40),
The group would continue to move with the advancing troops over the next
few months.  
11Sep44 group moved to Laon, France and on 2Oct44 to Chieves, Belguim.
When the Germans launched the Ardennes Offensive or what is commonly
known as the Battle of the Bulge, the group was forced to move to
Juvincourt, France on 27Dec44 and then to Metz, France on 1Jan45.
Top:  Chieves, Belgium
Left:  The 368th FG occupied what was left of the German Air Base at Chartres, France.
Juvincourt, France