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9th Photo Recon

10th Photographic Group (Recon)
67th Recon Group
363rd Tac Recon Group

30th PRS
33rd PRS
34th PRS
9th Air Force Sites
Official USAF 9th AF Site  
9th Air Force Association
9th AF Bomb Groups

12th Bomb Group
98th Bomb Group
322nd Bomb Group
323rd Bomb Group
340th Bomb Group
344th Bomb Group
376th Bomb Group
386th Bomb Group
387th Bomb Group
391st Bomb Group
394th Bomb Group
397th Bomb Group
409th Bomb Group
410th Bomb Group
416th Bomb Group
9th AF Troop Carrier Groups

61st Troop Carrier Group
313th Troop Carrier Group
314th Troop Carrier Group
315th Troop Carrier Group
316th Troop Carrier Group
434th Troop Carrier Group
435th Troop Carrier Group
436th Troop Carrier Group
437th Troop Carrier Group
438th Troop Carrier Group
439th Troop Carrier Group
440th Troop Carrier Group
441st Troop Carrier Group
442nd Troop Carrier Group
9th AF Fighter Groups

36th Fighter Group
48th Fighter Group
50th Fighter Group
354th Fighter Group
358th Fighter Group
362nd Fighter Group
365th Fighter Group
366th Fighter Group
367th Fighter Group
368th Fighter Group
370th Fighter Group
371st Fighter Group
373rd Fighter Group
404th Fighter Group
405th Fighter Group
406th Fighter Group
422nd Night Fighter Sq.
425th Night Fighter Sq.
474th Fighter Group
Watson's Whizzers
Offical USAF 8th AF Site
8th AF Historical Society
Mighty Eighth Museum
George Preddy (352nd FG Ace) Memorial Foundation
8th Air Force Sites
Great site, highly recommend!
8th AF Fighter Groups

1st Fighter Group
5th Emergency Rescue Sq.
4th Fighter Group
14th Fighter Group
20th Fighter Group
31st Fighter Group
52nd Fighter Group
55th Fighter Group
56th Fighter Group
78th Fighter Group
82nd Fighter Group
339th Fighter group
350th Fighter Group
352nd Fighter Group
353rd Fighter Group
355th Fighter Group
356th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group
358th Fighter Group
359th Fighter Group
361st Fighter Group
364th Fighter Group
479th Fighter Group
495th Fighter Training Group
496th Fighter Training Group
8th AF Bomb Groups

25th Bomb Group
34th Bomb Group
44th Bomb Group
91st Bomb Group
92nd Bomb Group
93rd Bomb Group
94th Bomb Group
95th Bomb Group
96th Bomb Group
97th Bomb Group
100th Bomb Group
301st Bomb Group
303rd Bomb Group
305th Bomb Group
306th Bomb Group
322nd Bomb Group
323rd Bomb Group
351st Bomb Group
379th Bomb Group
381st Bomb Group
384th Bomb Group
385th Bomb Group
386th Bomb Group
387th Bomb Group
388th Bomb Group
389th Bomb Group
390th Bomb Group
392nd Bomb Group
398th Bomb Group
401st Bomb Group
445th Bomb Group
446th Bomb Group
447th Bomb Group
448th Bomb Group
452nd Bomb Group
453rd Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group
458th Bomb Group
466th Bomb Group
467th Bomb Group
482nd Bomb Group
486th Bomb Group
487th Bomb Group
489th Bomb Group
490th Bomb Group
491st Bomb Group
492nd Bomb Group
493rd Bomb Group
8th AF Troop Carrier Group

60th Troop Carrier Group
62nd Troop Group  
64th Troop Carrier Group  
315th Troop Carrier Group  
8th Photo Recon

3rd Photographic Group
7th Photographic Group
67th Reconnaissance Group
Official AVG "Flying Tigers"






Other AAF Bomber Units

341st Bomb Group

376th Bomb Group

454th Bomb Group
456th Bomb Group

461st Bomb Group
463rd Bomb Group

484th Bomb Group

13th Bomb Squardron
Please visit the wonderful website of Bert Caris
Fallen But Not Forgotten,
Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial Margraten
German Military - Luftwaffe Sites
Aviation Wings &
Badges of WW2
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33rd Photo Recon Sq.
5th Air Force
3rd BG
8th FG
22nd BG
35th FG
43rd BG
49th FG
58th FG
345th BG
348th FG
380th BG
475th FG

7th Air Force
11th BG
15th FG
318th FG
494th BG
11th Air Force
28th CG

12th Air Force
17th BG
47th BG
57th FG
79th FG
310th BG
320th BG
324th FG
350th FG

13th Air Force
5th BG
18th FG
42nd BG
Misc. Images
AAF Related Sites
14th Air Force
23rd FG
51st FG

15th Air Force
31st FG
52nd FG
82nd FG
325th FG
454th BG

20th Air Force
9th BG
Other AAF Fighter Units