368th Fighter Group Fallen Brothers
June 1943 - August 1946
The Purple Heart  
America's oldest medal, Established by
General George Washington in 1783.
Initially an award for merit and gallantry.

Currently awarded for wounds or death as
an act of any opposing armed force.
"When you go home,
Tell them of us and say,
For their tomorrow,
We gave our today."

-- The Kohima Epitaph

Carved on the WW2 British Memorial and
Cemetery at Kohima, Burma
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2nd Lt. Clarence E. Allen
MIA (remains recovered in 2004) 12Oct44
MACR #9645, Shot Down by Me-109 near
Aechan, Germany.  
P-47D-20RE 42-76440
Netherlands Wall of the Missing
395th Fighter Squadron Fallen Brothers
368th Fighter Group Headquarters Fallen Brothers
Sgt Rodney L. Sooter.
Killed 01Feb46
Aircraft crash at Straubing, Germany
Lorraine, France C-17-19
2nd Lt. James Binter
Killed 16Dec44
Training accident, Crash at Chievres, Belgium
Sunset Lawns, Eldorado, Kansas
2nd Lt. Charles R. Earls
KIA 19Nov44
MACR #10528, Shot Down by FW-190 near
Heistern, Germany.  
P-47D-15-RE 42-76302
Rose Hill Cemetery, Idaho Falls, ID
1st Lt. Marion W.L. Elliott
KIA 13Oct44
MACR# 9534, Shot down by fighter near
Aachen, Germany.
P-47D-28RE 44-19744
Cemetery:  Unknown
1st Lt. Robert C. Fay
KIA 14June44
MACR #5691, Shot down by flak while dive
bombing a bridge near Caen, France.
P-47D-15-RE 42-75690
Normandy Wall of the Missing
2nd Lt. Russell J. Grosjean
KIA 07Nov44
MACR# 10270, Crashed near Ahrbruck /
Katzberg, Germany.  Details unknown, possibly
was a POW.
P-47D-28-RA 42-28844
Cemetery:  Unknown
2nd Lt. George K. Hickman
Killed 30Nov44
Training accident, Crash near Pommeroeul,
Cemetery:  Unknown
1st Lt. Donald H. Huff
KIA 16Feb45
MACR # Unknown, Shot down by flak near
Schoos, Germany.
Cemetery:  Unknown
2nd Lt. Thomas F. Layden
KIA 28March45
MACR #13621, Crashed while strafing near
Beuren-Gieben, Germany.
P-47D-28-RA 42-29126
Netherlands C-20
1st Lt. Hugh P. Matthews
KIA 01March45
MACR #12805, Shot Down by FW-190 near
Langenzelbold, Germany.  
P-47D-30-RE 44-20627
Lorraine D-34-29
Capt. Thomas N. Montag
KIA 14Aug44
MACR #8155, Crashed into trees while strafing
near Domfront, France.
P-47D-25-RE 42-26393
Cemetery:  Brittany E-17-11
2nd Lt. Thomas H. Moore
KIA 25April45
MACR #14097, Shot down by flak while strafing
near Wasserburg, Germany.
P-47D-22-RE S/N 42-26387
Cemetery:  Epinal Wall of the Missing

We strive to be as accurate as possible, Some KIA or MIA details are sketchy or unknown.
Research continues, if you find an error or have additional details please e-mail me.
2nd Lt. Bryce A. Ralston
KIA 23Dec44
MACR #11489, Shot down by fighter near
Kruft, Germany.
P-47D-28-RE 44-19916
Netherlands L-2-17
Capt. Charles A. Rust
Killed 06Oct43
Training accident, Crash in Suffolk Co., NY
Cemetery:  Unknown, USA
Capt. Norman E. Schulte
KIA 13Oct44
MACR #9533, Shot down by FW-190 near
Aachen, Germany.
P-47D-27-RE 42-27243
Netherlands Wall of the Missing
Capt. Malcolm A. Smith
KIA 21May44
MACR #4973, Shot down by flak while strafing
near Nogent, France.
P-47D-22-RE 42-26325
Normandy C-10-46
Capt. James W. Goodwin
KIA 22April44
MACR #4210, Shot Down by FW-190 near
Hoffen, Germany.
P-47D-20-RE 42-76575
Ardennes C-3-38
2nd Lt. James E. Stover
KIA 04Dec44
MACR #10827, Engine failure during mission
near Ronsfeld, Belgium.
P-47D-28-RE 44-20066
Netherlands K-15-1
396th Fighter Squadron Fallen Brothers
2nd Lt. Joseph S. Busenbark
KIA 23Dec44
MACR #11428, Shot down by FW-190 near
Bleckhausen, Germany.
P-47D-20-RE 42-76482
Netherlands Wall of the Missing
1st Lt. John L. Carter
KIA 02July44
MACR #6486, Shot down by flak near
Torngny, France.
P-47D-15-RE 42-76325
 Mount Evergreen, Jackson, MI
2nd Lt. James H. Gamblin
KIA 22June44
MACR #6641, Collision with 1st Lt. Jasper
during mission near St. Lo, France.
P-47D-22-RE 42-26279
Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA
1st Lt. Edward Haughton Jr.
KIA 10June44
MACR #5688, Shot down by flak near
Cherbourg, France.
P-47D-22-RE 42-26037
Cemetery:  Normandy D-18-7
Capt. Meredith W. Henry
Killed 21Feb45
Engine failure at Metz, France.
Henri-Chapelle F-13-60
2nd Lt. Gerald B. Kelly
KIA 20Oct44
MACR #9783, Shot down by flak near Aachen,
P-47D-20-RE 42-76565
City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah
1st Lt. John R. Knauss
KIA 18Nov44
MACR #10566, Shot down by flak while
strafing near Heistern, Germany.
P-47D-20-RE 42-76484
Cemetery:  Pennslyvania, USA
2nd Lt. Michael J. Martin Jr.
Killed 24May46
Aircraft accident at Straubing, Germany.
 Lorraine, France E-46-19
2nd Lt. George Myers
KIA 26March45
MACR # ?, Unknown cause.

Cemetery:  Luxembourg H-9-21
Capt. Leon D. Myers
KIA 26July44
MACR #7352, Struck trees and crashed while
straffing near Tessy Sur Vire, France.
P-47D-27-RE 42-26939
Golden Gate National Cemetery,
San Bruno, California
1st Lt. Clarence H. "Big Olie" Olson
KIA 13Aug44
MACR #7643, Shot down by flak while strafing
near Lefford, France.
P-47D-22-RE 42-25752
Normandy C-14-47
1st Lt. Laymon A. Rice
KIA 14June44
MACR # ?, Engine failure during mission over
P-47D ?
Cemetery:  Unknown
2nd Lt Richard T. Schindling
KIA 23Feb45
MACR #12647, Unknown cause, near
Heilenbach, Germany.
P-47D-28-RE 44-20279
Cemetery:  Unknown
2nd Lt. Jack H. Sharp
KIA 24April45
MACR #14095, Bomb blast near
Ingolstadt-Barreweiher, Germany.
P-47D-30-RA 44-33151
Cemetery:  Fairview Cemetery
         Middletown, NJ
1st Lt. John R. Spencer
KIA 18July44
MACR #7172, Shot down by flak near the
Orne River, France.
P-47D-5-RE 42-8673
Cemetery:  Onodaga Valley Cemetery
        Nedrow, NY
2nd Lt. John B. Stewart
KIA 28Aug44
MACR #8054, Struck trees and crashed near
Betz, France.
P-47D-20-RE 42-76407
Cemetery:  Epinal A-22-53
397th Fighter Squadron Fallen Brothers
Capt. Robert S. Anderson
KIA 26July44
MACR #4973, Shot down while strafing near
Canisy, France.
P-47D-25-RE 42-26932
Cemetery:  Unknown
Staff Sgt. Leslie Angle
Killed 21Nov44
Killed in a vehicle accident in Laon, France
Cemetery:  Henri-Chapelle, France
(may have been reburied in U.S.)
2nd Lt. John H. Banks III
KIA 17April45
MACR #14203, Shot down by flak while strafing
Lom, Czechoslovakia.  Survived crash and
was killed by local police.  Updated info from
our good friend Filip Vojtasek in Prague.  
P-47D-28-RE 44-20222
Ardennes C-6-15
2nd Lt. Buel W. Bates
KIA 07June44
MACR #5716, Shot down by flak near Littry,
P-47D-16-RE 42-76104
Normandy B-8-29
1st Lt. George L. Bauer
KIA 28March45
MACR #13622, Struck hilltop while strafing
near Densberg, Germany.
P-47D-30-RA 44-33205
Cemetery:  Unknown
1st Lt. Henry F. Belcher
Killed 04March44
Killed in aircraft crash during training in
Burghclere, England.
Cemetery:  Brookwood, England
(may have been reburied in U.S.)
1st Lt. Robert S. Brown
KIA 16Aug44
MACR #8513, Shot down by flak while strafing
near Argentan, France.
P-47D-15-RE 42-76188
Cemetery:  Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA
2nd Lt. Jack L. Conant
KIA 18Dec44
MACR #11414, Shot down by FW-190 near
Mechernick, Germany.
P-47D-28-RE 44-20065
Ardennes D-4-32
2nd Lt. Richard G. Elliott
KIA 15April45
MACR #14208, Mid air collision with 1st
Lt.Wright near Munnerstadt, Germany.
P-47D-28-RA 42-28939
Cemetery:  Unknown
1st Lt. John P. Foltz
Killed 15Dec44
Aircraft crash, non-combat related at Chievres.
Cemetery:  Unknown
1st Lt. Alfred D. Fry
KIA 30May44
MACR #5365, Shot down by flak while strafing
near Elbeuf, France.
P-47D-15-RE 42-76287
Ardennes Wall of the Missing
Corporal Michael Gaydos
KIA 15Dec44
Killed while loading rocket that discharged at
Chievres, Belgium.
Cemetery:  Unknown
Capt. William H. Gibson
KIA 04Oct44
MACR #9643, Mid air collision during aerial
combat near Munstereifel, Germany.
P-47D-27-RE 42-26937
Cemetery:  Unknown
Flight Officer Michael H. Hardy
KIA 28Oct44
MACR #9630, Shot down by flak near Sindorf,
P-47D-15-RE 42-75627
Netherlands Wall of the Missing
Sgt Merrill C. Holmes
Killed 21Nov44
Killed in vehicle accident at Chievres, Belgium.
Henri-Chapelle G-14-30
2nd Lt. Joseph C. Howard
KIA 07June44
MACR #5717, Shot down by flak while strafing
near Littry, France.
P-47D-15-RE 42-75819
Westview Cemetery,
Sweetwater, Monroe Co.,Tennessee
2nd Lt. James E. Hutcherson
KIA 16Jan45
MACR #11840, Shot down by an Me-109 near
Neustadt, Germany.
P-47D-28-RA 42-28942
Ardennes A-38-36
2nd Lt. Herbert F. Koenig
KIA 17April45
MACR #14206, Struck telephone pole while
strafing near Mlekojedy, south of
Czechoslovakia.  Updated info from our good
friend Filip Vojtasek in Prague.
P-47D-28-RA 42-26826
St. Stephen's, Hamilton, Ohio
2nd Lt. Cyril J. Konesny
KIA 14Jan45
MACR #11787, Shot down by Me-109 near
Mannheim, Germany.

Lorraine, France D-34-29
2nd Lt. Norman E. Langmaid
KIA 07June44
MACR #5715, Shot down by flak near Bayeux,
P-47D-22-RE 42-26262
Normandy I-18-11
1st Lt. Rudolph L. Marko
KIA 01Aug44
MACR #7934, Struck tree while strafing near
Vire, France.
P-47D-10-RE 42-75208
Cemetery:  Calvary, Cleveland, OH, USA
2nd Lt. Clarence B. Palmer
KIA 12June44
MACR #5709, Shot down by Me-109 near
Carentan, France
P-47D-20-RE 42-76551
Normandy E-23-30
2nd Lt. James M. Polen
KIA 14Jan45
MACR #11788, Shot down by FW-190 near
Mannheim, Germany.
P-47D-5-RE 42-8671
Cemetery:  Woodland Cemetery, Clinton, IL
Capt. Eugene M. Potter
KIA 07July44
MACR #6645, Shot down by FW-190 near Floret
L'Eveque, France.
P-47D-22-RE 42-25881
Cemetery:  Brittany F-4-3
1st Lt. Fredrick C. Stoll Jr.
KIA 17Dec44
MACR #10983, Shot down by fighter near
Prum, Germany.
P-47D-15-RE 42-76357
Cemetery:  Waldfriedhof, Germany
2nd Lt. William Preston
KIA 03Nov44
MACR # ?, Shot down by flak near K-467373,
P-47D ?
Visalia Public Cemetery
        Visalia, CA
2nd Lt. Jack J. White
KIA 25Dec44
MACR #11423, Shot down by flak while strafing
near Dahlem, Germany.
P-47D-28-RE 44-19961
Netherlands O-3-6
2nd Lt. Jesse D. Welch
KIA 20July44
Crash on landing at Strip A-3 returning from a
P-47D ?
Normandy J-7-35
1st Lt. Pike B. Martin
KIA 16Aug44
MACR # Unknown, Shot down by flak near
Caen, France.
Cemetery:  Brittany E-46-19
(may have been reburied in U.S.)
1st Lt. Irwin M. Pascal
KIA 08July44
MACR #6659, Shot down by flak near St.
Martin, France.
P-47D-16-RE 42-76083
Cemetery:  Brittany Wall of the Missing
1st Lt. Roland C. Potter
KIA 14Jan45
MACR #11784, Shot down by Me-109 near
Mannheim, Germany.
P-47D28-RA 42-29301
Cemetery:  Arnold Cemetery, Arnold, Nebraska
Thanks to our friends in Europe we have photos of our fallen brothers graves overseas.
Click underlined cemeteries to see photos of 368th FG graves
Ardennes; Neupre, Belgium
Brittany; St. James, France
Brookwood, England
Epinal; Epinal, France
Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
Lorraine; St. Avold, France - NEW!
Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Netherlands; Margraten, Holland
Normandy, St. Laurent-Sur-Mer, France
American Battle Monuments Commission
The Commission administers, operates, and maintains 24 permanent
American burial grounds on foreign soil.
Together, as Brothers:
We've laughed and cried.
Together, as Brothers:
We fought side by side.
These two different worlds
From which we came,
But in our hearts
We were one and the same.
This place this creed
That we live by,
I never would have dreamed
That you would ever die.
To those who remember
You were a man among men.
To me you were more
You were my best friend.
Someday, somewhere
We will meet again,
Because we will always be
Dale Sizemore

Dale Sizemore, a former Ranger who fought in Somalia.
It is very fitting for all who have served and lost a friend.
"High Flight"
Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.
John Gillespie Magee, Jr.
Please visit the wonderful website of Bert Caris; Fallen But Not Forgotten,
Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial Margraten
1st Lt. Manuel K. Soo
An original member of the 397th FS was killed
on 29May1945 flying a P-51D in the 8th AF
during a second tour of duty in Europe.
By family request some of our fallen brothers remains were brought back to the U.S.for burial after the war.
Lt. Elmer Buss
KIA 16Jan44
Lt Buss, initially a member of the 395th FS  in 1943 was
transferred and deployed with the 373rd FS, 401st FG,
9th AF