397th Fighter Squadron
"Jabo Angels"
Nose Art  & Color Profiles
These pages contain the beautiful nose art of the 368th Fighter Group.
All Images are the property of the 368th Fighter Group Association or as noted.
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"The Old Man"
Pilot:  LTC Tom Carbine
Commander 397th FS
"Naughty Dotty"
Pilot:  Steve Halpin
"Douce Luce" D3-O
Pilot:  Harry Barco
P-47D-21-RA D3-H "Kwit'Cher Bitchin" S/N:  43-25570
Pilot:  Randell Hendricks, 397th FS ACE
P-47D-27-RE D3-H
"Kwit'Cher Bitchin 7th"
"Hard to Get"
Pilot:  Harris Krause
P-47D-30-RE D3-V "Lizzy" S/N:  44-20456
Pilot:  Les Leavoy
"Little Bill" originally "Little Okie"
Pilot:  Russ O'Connell
D3-N "Little Friend" - "Yum-Yum"
P-47D-27-RE 42-26924
Pilot:  Lt. Patrick
Crew Chief:  Sgt. "Yummy" Billinger
Pilot: Clifford Price
"You've Had It"
Pilot:  LTC John Haesler
Commander 397th FS
George Sutcliffe's D3-U "Junior"
Machine gun armed panda
Painting "Stedfast Against All Odds" by Domonic DeNardo