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368th FG
Weather Van
Actual 368th FG Weather Forcasts
368th FG Headquarters Photo Album Page Two
Left:  19Mar44
Mission:  Escort; Withdrawal support for
B-26's returning from mission over France.

Right:  22Apr44
Mission #1:  Bomb Marshalling Yards at
Saint-Ghislain, Belgium.
Mission #2:  Fighter Sweep over Germany;  
Ault, Bonn, Koblenz, Trier, & back to Ault.    
Weather Section
Newton "Stormy" Steers
368th FG Weather Officer
Frank Perego, 368th FG Commander with
Harold Sparks, Thomas Carbine, Dennis Crisp,
& Marshall Mumaw
Major Richard E. Leary
Group Operations
Major Dennis Crisp
would also serve as
368th FG
Commander for a
short time from
18Oct45 - 2Nov45
Dennis Crisp & Harold Sparks
Newton Steers &
Maurice Powell
Carlton "Mac" McCarter
Group Communications
Joseph Pczolyar
MG Pete Quesada meets with LTC Perego and 368th FG personnel upon landing at
ALG A-3 June 19th, 1944
Frank Perego with Harold Sparks &
Carlos "Tote" Talbott
Frank Perego with
Thomas Carbine, CO 397th FS
Frank Perego with
Marshall Mumaw, CO 395th FS
Frank Perego with
Harold Sparks
Frank Perego with
Dennis Crisp, CO 396th FS
USAAF Weather
Specialist Patch
December 17th, 1944:  On the last mission of the day 16 planes of the 397th FS gets a call for urgent
support of troops holding St. Vith.  They find a strong enemy column about a mile from St. Vith with
numerous tanks and trucks.  The 397th attacked decimating the advancing column and preventing the
capture of St. Vith.  Major Dick Leary made eight solo strafing passes under heavy AA fire destroying
several armored vehicles and was awarded the Silver Star.
Major Harold
Sparks served in
many positions to
include 396th FS
Flight Leader, 395th
FS CO, 396th FS
Officer.Ops &
Group Ops