397th Fighter Squadron
"Jabo Angels"
Call Sign:  Tropic
Squadron ID Marking:  D3
Aircraft Marking:  Blue Cowl
Upper part of tail yellow above recognition stripe
Circa September 1944:
Blue Swoosh to point from cowl down side of aircraft
If you would like a very high quality
copy of the 397th FS patch painted
on leather contact Dan Jones
397th Fighter Squadron Lineage
Copied from USAF publication;
Combat Squadrons of the Air Force - World War II

Constituted 397th Fighter Squadron on 24 May 1943.
Activated on 1 Jun 1943, Westover Field, Mass.
Inactivated on 20 Aug 1946, Straubing, Germany.

368th Fighter Group, 1 Jun 1943 - 20 Aug 1946.

Westover Field, Mass, 1 June 1943.
Mitchel Field, NY, 21 Aug 1943.
Farmingdale, NY, 29 Nov - 20 Dec 1943.
Greenham Common, England, 13 Jan 1944.
Chilbolton, England, 15 Mar 1944.
Cardonville, France, (A-3), 16 Jun 1944.
Chartres, France, (A-40), 27 Aug 1944.
Laon/Athies, France, (A-69), 11 Sep 1944.
Chievres, Belgium, (A-84), 2 Oct 1944.
Juvincourt, France, (A-68), 27 Dec 1944.
Metz, France, (Y-34), 5 Jan 1945.
Frankfort-am-Main, Germany, (Y-73), 16 Apr 1945.
Buchschwabach, Germany, (R-42), 16 May 1945.
Straubing, Germany, (R-68), 13 Aug 1945 - 20 Aug 1946.

P-47, 1943-1946.

Combat in ETO, 14 Mar 1944 - 9 May 1945.

Air Offensive, Europe.
Northern France.
Central Europe.
Air Combat, EAME Theater.

Distinguished Unit Citation:  Mons, Belgium, 3 sep 1944.
Cited in the Order of the Day, Belgian Army:  6 Jun - 30 Sep 1944.
Cited in the Order of the Day, Belgian Army:  16 Dec 1944 - 25 Jan 1945.
Belgian Fourragere.

Over and through a yellow disc, a caricatured westerner riding a brown
caricatured bronco, Winged white, shaded blue, and wearing brown
trousers, blue shirt, white cowboy hat, red Neckerchief, and white
gloves, holding aloft two six-shooter revolvers gray, trimmed tan, Each
emitting from the barrel a small smoke cloud light blue, outlined black.  
(Approved 13 Apr 1944.)