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"Maximum Goose"
Originally flown by the 56th FG
then transfered to the 368th FG
Right:  Cowling recently found at
Chievres, Belgium
Battle damaged C2-P
Stoligroz, Malone, Kielgass,
Holliman, & Hanson
Newhart, Knauss, Waegener, Grace, Quilty,
Baer, & Ohlman
Sharp, Citro, Winchester, Harrimann,
Dunbar, & Huff
P-47D-28 C2-L "Arizona Loraine" flown by
Earl Kielgass armed and ready for a mission
? Strip A-69, Laon, France
C2-Z "Margie" Flown by Gerald Grace
396th FS
Armament Section
Ordnance Section
George Waggoner, Al Benton, & Ted Taubert
Johansen, Mitchell, Schoenberg, Noble,
Gennoy, & Hunt
Cardonville, Normandy, France June 1944
Straubing, Germany
Rare photo of 396th FS returning from a
mission, circa April 1944
396th FS AT-6 Texan, the
squadron also had other types
assigned to include the L-5.
Card game at A-3
Ellis Bassler, Ross Bedford,
John Gradent,
& Arthur Klam
1st Sgt Joseph Eskiss &
SSgt Henry Morg
TSgt Wes Metcalf &
MSgt Claude Williams
Joe McLachlan &
Paul Quilty
Al Metcalf,
Christian Henrikson, & Wes Metcalf
Frank Kerchner &
Robert Howie
William Malone & Robert Gruber
Rudolph Mueller, Scalzo, & Albert Aquino
Murray Thaler &
Charles Romine
Al & Wes Metcalf
Gerald Grace & Robert Howie
after being awarded the DFC
George Waegener & Murray Thaler (S-2)
SSgt Jerome Chojnacki
& SSgt Alvin Endicott
Here is a rowdy bunch
Douglas far left - Suttcliffe far right
Wyatt, Casey, & Edwards
Wyatt, Bedford, & Casey
Jesse Spangler &
Walter Graham
396th Fighter Squadron Photo Album Page 2
Baughman, Martin &
396th FS Bomb truck and
dolly, Metz, France
Dunn, Aquino, & Nelson
Dunn, Barry, Cates, &
Greene & Stamper
Miletich, Jaime, McCain, Peters, & others
396th FS Line Shack at Metz.
Peters, Morris, & Freeze
? and Richard Pottberg
P-47D-10-RE C2-F S/N 42-75207
Official photos that were censored
Crash landed in France