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This web site is dedicated to the brave men that served with and supported the 368th Fighter Group.
We must never forget the sacrifices made to protect our freedom and to free the people of Europe.
Thank you for your service, you will never be forgotten.
"Nulli Secundus!"
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TSgt Kenneth Kik, USAFR Retired
12 years active duty Army
10 Years Air National Guard
Firefighter/Paramedic Nashville Fire Dept
368th FG Association Webmaster
Grandson of "Panzer Duster" Pilot
Captain Richard Kik Jr
368th Combat Record,
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368th History &
Ballad of the 368th Fighter Group
Gerald M. Hanson

These brave young men came from near’ every state,
to save the free world from terror and hate.
Leaving their loved ones at home to worry and wait,
they joined the Fighter Group numbered three sixty-eight.

They headed for war with courage and their skills,
to battle the Axis powers that outlawed freedom and free will.
Back in the states they prayed to the Almighty up in Heaven,
He answered their prayers with the P-47.

The pilots, they were dauntless whenever they flew,
entrusting their safe return to both God and Ground Crew.
They wreaked havoc and hell from the wild blue yonder,
flying tight in formation in their trusted fighter/bombers.

When planes didn’t return it was part of the high cost,
the price of our freedom paid, by those injured and lost.
We thank our Greatest Generation, who fought ‘till the war was won,
like the 368th Fighter Group, it was always “Second to None”.
Bridge Busters!
The 368th FG led the 9th
AF with
33 destroyed and
44 damaged.
368th FG Association
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Gun film footage from
368th FG Pilots.
The 368th FG
in print
Several articles & books
feature the 368th FG.  
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An area dedicated to those
who gave the ultimate
sacrifice for our freedom.
The 368th FG is the top
scoring 9th AF
Thunderbolt Group
Five detailed pages with
information on production, serial
numbers, armament, power plant,
& museums
368th FG Library and
Document Warehouse
Books, Maps, documents,
and research material
Past & present editions
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Did you know the 368th FG
fired 4,570,892 rounds of
.50 caliber?
What was the 368th FG
doing on this date back
during the war?
Second to None:
The History of the 368th Fighter Group
3rd Edition Hardcover
by Dr. Timothy M. Grace

Click here to order the 3rd Edition

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368th Fighter Group in print
Honor Thy Father
by Kenton L. Baughman

Biography of Loyd L. Baughman of Longton,
Kansas, P-47 armorer in the 396th FS, 368th FG.  
Written by his son Kenton L. Baughman.

260 Pages - $20.27

Also available as a .pdf download for $10.00

Click here to purchase from lulu.com
Silent Voices from the Past
by Kenton L. Baughman

A record of the men who served in the
396th FS, 368th FG.  Includes great short
stories of many of the forty three surviving

500 Pages - $22.00

Also available as a .pdf download for $5.99

Click here to purchase from lulu.com
The 368th Fighter Group Association promotes these items to educate and honor.  We do not profit from the sales.
Hey, I'm Not Dead Yet
by Rupert B. Maxwell

The life story of Rupert B. Maxwell. P-47 Pilot and
POW with the 368th FG; 396th FS.

Rupert tells his life long stories is this wonderful
and inspirational book.

428 Pages - $16.20

Click here to purchase from lulu.com
ALG A-3 Cardonville
(I will be adding several new
photos to this page)
Then & Now
368th Fighter Group in Action!
Into the War
England Jan 1944
- June 1944
Occupation Duty
May 45 - Aug 46
Invasion &
Normandy ALG's
June 44 - Aug 44
Author & 368th FG Historian
Tim Grace holding the 3rd
edition hardcover version of
"Second To None"
Ardennes to Victory
Jan 45 - May 45
Breakout to
The Bulge
Aug 44 - Jan 45
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