Squadron ID Marking:  A7
Call Sign:  Flapper
Aircraft Markings:  Red Nose
Upper part of tail yellow above recognition stripe
Circa September 1944:
Red Swoosh to point from cowl down side of aircraft
Panzer Dusters Logo
designed by
Robert Schink
395th Tech Suppy Section
395th Fighter Squadron Lineage
Copied from official USAF publication;
Combat Squadrons of the Air Force - World War II

Constituted 395th Fighter Squadron on 24 May 1943.
Activated on 1 Jun 1943, Westover Field, Mass.
Inactivated on 20 Aug 1946, Straubing, Germany.
181st Fighter Squadron and allotted to Texas Air National
Guard on 21 Aug 1946 and served in the Korean War.  
Currently the 181st Airlift Squadron, 136th Airlift Wing, Fort Worth, TX
flying the C-130.  The 181st AW has been deployed to Iraq and

368th Fighter Group, 1 Jun 1943 - 20 Aug 1946.

Westover Field, Mass, 1 June 1943.
Farmingdale, NY, 23 Aug 1943 - 20 Dec 1943.
Greenham Common, England, 13 Jan 1944.
Chilbolton, England, 15 Mar 1944.
Cardonville, France, (A-3), c. 20 Jun 1944.
Chartres, France, (A-40), 27 Aug 1944.
Laon/Athies, France, (A-69), 11 Sep 1944.
Chievres, Belgium, (A-84), 2 Oct 1944.
Juvincourt, France, (A-68), 27 Dec 1944.
Metz, France, (Y-34), 5 Jan 1945.
Frankfort-am-Main, Germany, (Y-73), 15 Apr 1945.
Buchschwabach, Germany, (R-42), 13 May 1945.
Straubing, Germany, (R-68), 13 Aug 1945 - 20 Aug 1946.

P-47, 1943-1946.

Combat in ETO, 14 Mar 1944 - 9 May 1945.

Air Offensive, Europe.
Northern France.
Central Europe.
Air Combat, EAME Theater.

Presidential Unit Citation:  Mons, Belgium, 3 sep 1944.
Cited in the Order of the Day, Belgian Army:  6 jun - 30 Sep 1944.
Cited in the Order of the Day, Belgian Army:  16 Dec 1944 - 25 Jan 1945.
Belgian Fourragere.
395th FS Photo Album
A Mission to Remember
Kik & Rife
395th Fighter Squadron
"Panzer Dusters"
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Painting by Panzer Duster Bill Diman